Candle Care

Achieving the Perfect Burn 

Light the wick away from drafts and moving air in a well ventilated space to achieve a pure, soot-free burn. Burn for 1-2 hours for maximum effect, making sure to stop burning once only 10 mm of wax is left at the bottom. 


Caring For Your Wick the Right Way

The wick is the soul of the candle, which means it needs to be cared for if it’s to bring everything else to life. Remove wick fibres and debris from the wax pool to stop accelerated burning, taking care to centre and straighten the wick once you blow out your candle. For best results, trim the wick to approximately 5 mm for a smooth, natural burn that will allow you to enjoy every moment. 


The Art of Storing Your Candle 

Store in a cool dry place, away from dust which can dampen the aroma and fragrance of the burn. Take care to remove any moisture before lighting as this can also suppress the aroma and vitality of the candle.