Heiramé. (ehr-a-may)
A place where wellness lives.
I'm a WOC and very passionate about community. I believe that tea, plants, design, and all people, foster the perfect moments for deep reflection, connection and simple rituals that contribute to, and empower wellness for all.
I have always been fond of herbs and how they grow and thrive in all seasons. I also have a deep connection with essential oils and their healing properties. This, along with discovering my truth in my healing journey through single motherhood in the past, escaping domestic abuse, and coping with PTSD, anxiety and depression, Heiramé was lovingly and honestly cultivated.
Heiramé is a small Canadian company in BC, that focuses on wellness products and services that holistically heal and promote well-being. Whether its tea, essential oils, aromatherapy, holistic interior design, horticulture therapy, or horticulture & bonsai design, my vision is to help others be happy in their environment, and live intentionally. 
A place where wellness lives.

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