Heiramé. (ehr-a-may)

The embodiment of simple style, purpose, and connection to nature.
Wellness in health & home,  honouring the beauty of botanical elements & subtle, simplistic living.
Fostered by picturesque moments in nature, our hope is to realign balance with the revival of authentic meaningful moments.
It is rooted in tradition to care for others, however there is also a beautiful, humble depth in the rituals of self care.

When you become a mother for the first time, and at an instant become a single one, life became survival mode for our Founder. With the experience of multiple traumas and abuse, the affects of stress started depleting her physically and mentally. There were real moments of despair and being unable to cope with everyday life, but real abundance was out there, with opportunities for healing, self discovery, and self care.
It is amazing how receptive our body is to positive change. Especially when naturally, our body and mind connectively thrive as a whole . After years of inner battles, adapting to new food habits, and pausing in simple moments, embracing the journey through motherhood meant breaking down barriers of hurt and fear and evolve back to pure simplicity. Nature.

Discovering her truth in healing and her passion for helping others with the same or other traumas, she immersed herself in herbalism, herb gardening and essential oils, in which the beginning of Heiramé was lovingly and honestly cultivated.

It is an empowered collection of simple self care products for real authentic people. It is the revival of authentic moments.

Discover your Heiramé