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When Mama's Day approaches every year, I often get emotional, with both triumphant & grateful feelings, to scary remembrances of almost not surviving to even become a mother.  
When I became a new mama, I was also secretly trying to flee domestic abuse. Being emotionally & physically abused withered away my self-worth, & continued to cloud my judgment on how much more I could bear for the sake of my newborn. I have survived rape, oppression, asian fetishization, & mysogyny in the form of constant manipulation. How dare I think I was worthy of being a mother, ever, even after a few miscarriages before my marriage became broken. But my child gave me a new purpose, quite possibly, a miraculous beginning.
Even though I thought I would be bringing cultural shame to my parents, I knew I could not raise my child amidst all this violence. With not a lot of money to my name, I went on a whim & found a place, and I left with my baby. There were so many mixed emotions & moving parts of becoming a single mama, living as one, and just going through it while processing pain, judgment, fear, postpartum, & what ultimately led to my anxiety, depression & PTSD after all these years. Being as vulnerable in this transparency has made me realize I need to share my story and use my voice for others. It's kind of a beautiful ugly. I mean, I looked ok and functioning on the outside, but really, on the inside, it was an unorganized closet. Not that I'm seeking perfection, but when you grow up without the kind of support and guidance you needed, how can you make the right choices for yourself?
At the time, I wish I had the resources to look for an organization like Mamas for Mamas.  I believe I was so broken, emotionally drained & tired. It was honestly hard to think to ask for help. It was probably the same reason for not fleeing abuse fast enough. Fast forward 15 yrs later, I have discovered the courage in me to create Heiramé. Starting today,  when you purchase a 'Mama's Well Kit', 10% will go to Mamas for Mamas  because every beautiful mama should be uplifted with moments of wellness & self care. Mamas for Mamas is a national charitable organization that provide ongoing support to mothers & caregivers who face unimaginable poverty-related struggles. Please check out the website at www.mamasformamas.org.
The 'Mama's Well Kit' consists of Face Dew, Body Rain, Intuition essential oil roll-on, and Under the Willow Tree herbal tea. The significance of this curated kit to me is quite special. Do you ever feel that tight-stressed out skin during the day, and you just want a refresh? You know those literal care-free moments when you would just run out in the rain? That's what Face Dew and Body Rain does. I thought a mama would love to embrace this type of moment in her self-care routine. A motherly intuition is tremendously integral for caring for her baby! I named the essential oil roll-on "Intuition" because I feel like, today, and yesterday, no matter what circumstances I was put in, I was and am a good mama! And so are you! What can I say about Under the Willow Tree...This tea is is especially fragrant and reminiscent of when I'd spend a lot of time under that tree, pondering away on how my life could be...anything....
Hi, I'm the founder here at Heiramé Collective. Some of you may know my name already, but most of you don't. For now I need to keep my identity hidden on here, but one day I will do a full intro!
Have you lived through domestic abuse? I would love to read your story. Sometimes we just need to express our pain through words. Your story will be shared privately to me only. I'd love to uplift you with positivity and let you know that there's many opportunities for healing so that you could be and do the things you've always imagined.
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