From Spring to Summer

It may seem like Spring may have arrived late this year, but Summer is just around the corner, and we could all use some more Vitamin D. I feel like Spring and Summer are like sisters. They aren't that different, but the vibes are still relaxing. Here are some simple ways to change things up in your overall wellness routine from Spring to Summer with Heiramé. Although there might be slight adjustments because of course, you evolve through the seasons as well. And don't forget, wellness is your wellness. It comes in all different forms, for different people!

1. Add fresh herbs, fruit, or edible flowers to your iced herbal tea.

Our herbal teas are packed with so many nutrients already, but adding fresh herbs, fruit, and edible flowers adds pretty visuals among more vitamins and healing properties. 

2. Practice yoga outside.

Spray your yoga mat mist outside and you will even want to do yoga outside during winter. The misting action and fragrant herbaceous notes are completely elevate your practice to a whole new level. 

3. Have your vegan meal on the patio.

It's a no brainer. Dining outside is a whole new experience. Now that the weather is even brighter, be nourished by the sun, along with your nutrient-rich meal. Sprinkle our culinary blend on almost anything this Summer!

4. Exfoliate your hands under the morning sunlight.

Using Night Ritual bath salt soak for a morning ritual is ok! Nourishing Hops flower and lavender buds will ease you into your day!

5. Mist your bath towels before jumping in the pool.

Your skin and senses will be at ease. Aromatherapy and fresh linens at the same time. It's a lot better than smelling chlorine!

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