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Canadian artisanal blends
embrace the taste of nature's gift
Immersive herbal tea blends with names that are just as special as the herbs chosen to represent them.
Quality herbs | Small batches | Packaged locally upon order

Cultivate. Nourish. Heal.
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nourish from within

Our love for culinary adventures evolve deeply from the love of herbs and how they contribute to the taste of food, and our health.

Our version of Herbes de Provence provides complexity in taste, but convenience in a variety of dishes.

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Heiramé love


My Sweet Lullaby

My nighter hero! Since I got the mist my sleep has improved a lot, I decided to create a bedtime routine just because of it and it's perfect!

Vancouver, BC

Extraordinary Must Buy

From the teas to the essences & candles, this new consciousness brand blew our socks off. The smell is beautiful, subtle and divine. The teas are equally blind blowing. Overlooking The Hills, Forest Bath and Under The Willow Tree are just a few of my favorites. This is a beautiful arrival. Buy & try everyone. 10/10

NY, United States

Amazing Teas!

I ordered some teas from Heirame and they are just incredible! I drink tea like people drink coffee - I drink A LOT of tea! And I always keep coming back to Heirame’s flavours!

Nicola Jones-Crossley
Vancouver, BC

So In Love!!!

Love love love using this!!! Scent is light and fresh. I use this once a week after I change my sheets and pillow cases. I recently used it on my couch after steam cleaning, it's amazing!!! Will definitely be repurchasing!


Can't Choose Just One!

I love these variety packs, as there's so many delicious choices it would be hard to choose only one!


Smells So Good!

The smell of this is phenomenal and therapeutic. Such a minimalistic look to the packaging as well


My Favourite Scent

I love the smell of this candle, i get so many compliments from Clients when they walk into my studio . A total must have to unwind at the end of the day for me!


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